Nutrition and Lifestyle

In home nutritional and lifestyle counseling by Karen Mones is $100 for a one hour consultation that includes body composition and fitness assessment.  The fee can also be credited toward any supplements purchased. Any home further than 5 miles outside the 77009 zip code may be an additional cost and can be discussed if necessary.  Participants can also come in to town within the 5 mile radius. Includes:
  • Lifestyle Assessment and Coaching
  • 7 site body fat testing
  • Circumference Measurements
  • Nutritional Assessment
  • Caloric Intake Assessment
  • Pantry/Fridge/Grocery List Assessment
  • Sample menus to follow for weight loss
  • Time for personal questions and answers
  • Supplement consultation for optimal results and extra aid


advocareMany products that claim to enhance physical performance are here today and gone tomorrow. Vitamins and minerals are proven to be the basic foundation of nutritional supplementation. Vitamins and minerals are the nuts and bolts that make up the framework of our bodies. They are the essential components of its structures and functions, many of which take years to develop to their full capacity. As we begin to feed our bodies vitamins and minerals every day, we nourish it to respond to our personal fitness goals and the challenges of our daily lives. Take the 24 Day Challenge! To learn more about how to lose the last few pounds, start losing the weight you want, bust through a plateau or maintain a healthy, active body – just click on the 24 Day Challenge Link. Houston Boot Camp 24 Day Challenge