Injury Prevention


As with any activity, there is always chance for injury. We want to help prevent that if possible.  So here are key factors in staying healthy while attending boot camp.
  • The first thing to do is pay attention to your body.  At first you may not know how hard you can work, so take it slowly.  Gradually increase your intensity as you figure out what your limits are.  Pushing yourself in a way that ignores signals your body is giving you will inevitably cause issues down the road.
  • Warming up is a high on the list of injury prevention.  Which means showing up to class on time.  Warming up not only makes the muscles more elastic and flexible, it helps to burn more calories throughout the workout.
  • Good running shoes are key to supporting the knees and ankles and avoiding shin splints. Try Lukes Locker, Fleet Feet, or any specialty running store, not just a sports store.
  • Make sure to gradually increase your intensity as you continue to take classes so that you build the strength in your joints.  Do not start class trying to keep up with someone else unless you are already experienced in fitness training and know your body well.
  • Avoid jarring exercises like jumping jacks if you are just starting boot camp until you develop your strength. Ask your instructor for a modification.
  • Be sure to always stretch before a workout.
  • If feeling some pain or swelling, ice joint for 15 minutes after you work out to help keep any inflammation down.
  • Take a Glucosamine/Chondroitin joint support supplement to help strengthen the joint matrix. If you need help finding a product, please visit our supplements page.
  • While shin splints often happen when people begin running on concrete, some tips to help avoid them are to 1) make sure you have good running shoes (see the first tip), 2) stretch your calves when you get to boot camp before class begins, 3) rotate ankles several times in each direction to warm up the lower legs and ankles before boot camp begins, 4) at home, while sitting down, write the alphabet in the air using your big toe (this will strengthen your ankle and lower leg muscles).